Monday, January 11, 2016

Plotting the Project

A friend of mine pointed out that there’s no point in starting the project if we don’t have instructions. (You know who you are.) So here you go.

January: Whatever you want.

Okay, that’s vague, I know. Here’s a tentative schedule for what we’ll be doing the rest of the year, although it’s by no means set in stone. Feel free to use any of these prompts for your January work.

February: Romance
March: Action/adventure/thriller
April: 500 words
May: Fantasy
June: Mystery
July: Comedy
August: Fanfiction
September: Children's fiction
October: Horror
November: Historical Fiction
December: 100 words

All of these are suggestions to get you started, and they’re what I’ll plan on writing, just to see how things go. Other recognized genres include angst, tragedy, Western, and any others you want to throw at me in the comments.

Short stories aren’t as complex as novels. describes a short story as “fiction of such briefness that it is not able to support any subplots.” 

According to the almighty Wikipedia, “the term short story most often refers to a work of fiction no shorter than 1,000 and no longer than 20,000 words. Stories of fewer than 1,000 words are sometimes referred to as ‘short short stories’, or ‘flash fiction.’” 

The article which inspired me to start this project says that lengths of 500, 2500, and 5000 words are all worth mastering. (I’ll cite it again at the end of this post.)

If you want to share what you’ve written at the end of the month, feel free to follow me on Wattpad, where I’ll probably be posting mine. It would be fun to discuss and review our works before moving on to the next month.

Give it your best, guys!


  1. If you're lost on what to write, I have some writing prompts that I have gathered from the ends of the internet. Feel free to use these.

    1. Oh, and you might have to copy and paste the link.