Monday, May 9, 2016

Once Upon Now -- Target's Challenge

Hello all, it's Faith again!

I know it has been atrociously long since I posted last, but bear with me...finals week has driven me up a wall and I still have a paper to finish (because I procrastinated). Seriously, if there was a class dedicated to procrastination, I would get straight A’s.

Hopefully I’m not gonna shoot myself in the foot here, but I’m planning to start posting weekly after this.

No, Vernon Dursley, I think you mean NEW posts on Sundays. If you want weekly updates, enter your e-mail into the subscribe bar! If you don’t want weekly updates, enter your e-mail into the subscribe bar! Then filter all these blog posts into your spam!

Which brings us in a very non-linear fashion to May’s topic: FANTASY.

Fantasy is a really fun genre to write, but I’ll be honest: I’m not sure how putting this into a short story is going to go. Fantasy requires tons of worldbuilding. Perhaps this will be the motivation we need to create characters and settings as complex as we would create for a full-length novel.

But before you run away screaming, I have a little incentive for you. And by “I,” I mean Target.

Target is hosting it’s Once Upon Now contest on Wattpad. (It is in no way affiliated with this blog, but I think it’s cool.) The instructions are listed on the official Wattpad page, but here’s a few of the basics.

  • Write a story of between 4000 and 9000 words that “alludes to or uses elements of a fairy tale or myth.”
  • Set your tale in modern times
  • Post stories by 7:59 GMT on June 12
  • Be at least 13 years old
  • Be a US resident (sorry, not my rules)
  • Win up to or more than $500

You can follow the link (click the picture) to read more details. However, this is a fantastic way to practice writing within a specific genre. Not only are you given the time period and the most basic of premises, you are encouraged to come up with your own version of a storyline, mix and match characters, and so forth. Genre writing can produce some really cliche responses (you know, like those unicorns you thought of the minute you read the word “fantasy”), and this is an awesome way to break the mold.

I for one will be submitting something. I hope you’ll attempt this with me!

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