Thursday, October 20, 2016

What? I Wrote Something!

Hey guys! It's Faith again! And...I'm still alive.

Yeah. I bet some of you were wondering. Sorry about that. It's been a long...several months.

But on a lighter note, I actually wrote something! And it's a short story!! And it fits October's theme of horror!!! And I've just used up ten years worth of exclamation points!!!!

Sadly, I will not be posting this on Wattpad or anywhere like that as it is a school project and I don't want complications. But perhaps, after it is finished and graded, I'll put it up. That'll probably be in December.

So why am I posting today? Well, first of all, because I actually wrote something again and I'm totally awesome. I haven't written in way too long. I have been reading, though, which is probably the best thing you can do when your muse deserts you. Also, we just started studying short stories in my Intro to Creative Writing Class, so I actually got some examples on how to do these suckers. And on a yet luckier note, I'm on fall break, which means I was able to sit alone at home (well, the baby was there, but she was sleeping) and bang this thing out for about half an hour. The finished draft is about four pages long and just aaa I am overly proud of myself. (It's like a little kid learning how to tie their shoes. SO MUCH AWESOME LOOK MOM LOOK.)

But WHY am I posting today? I'm avoiding my own questions better than a politician. Ay yi yi. Anyway, I am posting to give some advice for anyone else who is looking to bang out a short story in an afternoon, since I am so obviously qualified.

1. Take a shower. Seriously. That's where I got the motivation to write today. You could also take a walk if that works for you.

2. Just...just do it. Once you start you probably will be able to keep going until the end, especially if it's a very short story like mine was. If you're shooting for ten or twenty pages, it might take you most of the day.

3. Don't worry so much about plot. I had this revelation the other day. WHY DO I FOCUS ON PLOT SO MUCH WHEN IT'S THE CHARACTERS I LOVE? I mean, yeah, plot is important. In a longer work, it's pretty central. But in a short story, you can create a character and just go with it. My character was a three-year-old and I did the whole thing in her voice (third limited) and had a blast.

4. Focus on building tension, releasing tension, twisting expectations, and all that fun writerly stuff. It doesn't have to be super amazing. It's a first draft. It'll just FEEL super amazing because you're awesome. (My system is very sensitive to chemicals and now I'm wondering if writing releases some sort of endorphins or energy. What will I be like if I take an entire day off for writing? Will I be writing drunk? Will I bounce off the walls until the building falls down? Obi-Wan Banana? What will happen??)

I promise I am actually sane and fine and home with siblings right now. My family can testify.

As a final note, my creative writing professor keeps stressing that it's not about WHAT you's HOW you do it. So your story can be about noodles and still be interesting if you play it right. My story was about a three-year-old who's afraid of monsters. Don't tell me THAT hasn't been done before. But I'm just so amazed that I was productive that I don't care.

Maybe the secret to self-esteem is low expectations. That's probably also the secret to living in your mom's basement, though.

Anyway, thanks for popping in! See you all soon. :)

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  1. Oh I totally agree with #2!! Sometimes you just have to force yourself to get things done, right?! AND IT CAN WORK! Anyway I'm glad you're through your block and back blogging.🎉