About Me

Hello!  I'm Grace, and welcome to my blog!

I'm an INFJ, a Hufflepuff AND a Slytherin, and...whelp, I don't know, I can't put labels on the rest of me.

I bake, sing, write, read, sew, play the harp, and exist on this planet as the creative Mom Friend who will fix all your problems and make you things.

This is a place where I talk about writing, go on long tangents about random things, yell at my characters, at stereotypes, and at everything else that happens to be in the way.  I'm still a nice person, I just have a lot of feelings.  I promise.  Think of this blog as the place where I go to vent about literature.

Facts you didn't ask for and probably don't need:
1. I can spend hours searching for the right gif for a blog post.  
2. I can't do math.  Numbers are Public Enemy No. 1 and should die in fire.
3. I put two spaces after a period because I'm old-fashioned and hate change.
4. I spend more time thinking about writing than actually writing.
5. I've been told I'm good at giving advice.
6. I've been working with the same characters since I was like...maybe 8?  I don't remember.  They've changed over time, of course, but the original people are definitely still there.
7. I like cold and damp days, because they're cozy and you can wear sweaters and drink tea.
8. I'm awkward.
9. I'm an introvert, but I need people around a lot at the same time.
10. I thought of putting a list of my favorite books on this page, but I like too many and the list is always changing.

Yay!  Now you know things about me.  Thanks for stopping by, and come visit me again in 100 years when I've written another blog post.  Because that might be how long it takes me to write one.


  1. YOU HAVE EXCELLENT TASTE IN BOOKS. I love most of the ones you mentioned and the ones I don't recognize are on the tippy most peak of my TBR now. Also! Hufflepuff here too. *high five* And I love that you play the Celtic harp. Celtic is one of my favorite music genres (EVER). I love the hammered dulcimer. :D I love, love your blog. Keep up the fantastic work!

    1. So first of all, sorry I haven't replied yet. I thought I did, because I got an email which had your comment in it and I thought I could just reply to the email but apparently the email is no good and I have to go to Blogger. WHyyyyyyy!

      That aside, THANK YOU! When I replied to the email I said you'd made my day, but as that day is gone, YOU'VE MADE MY ENTIRE WEEK OMG. I don't often get this kind of reply, if any, so YAY!!!! and I'm glad you like my taste in books! I don't think I've ever actually had anyone say that.... :)

    2. ...AND ANOTHER THING! Check out the band Seasons, five homeschooled siblings and the harpist is my teacher. SO amazing. (http://www.seasonsmusic.com/)

      And fellow Hufflepuff! I salute you with a cookie and some food because we're right next to the kitchen THANK YOU HELGA!

      Okay I'm done now.